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My homage to the best fuzz pedal created, the MkII ToneBender.

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This is my homage to what I think is the best fuzz pedal ever put out. The MkII ToneBender.

My TomeBender is a silicon transistor version and I use various transistors. From low gain, NOS black hats to metal can BC108Cs, all have the same purpose but react differently to each other. One of my favourite combos is some low gain black hats in Q1 and 2 and then a BC108C in Q3. This gives the pedal a full on in your face fuzz but also cleans up when the fuzz control is dialed back and the guitar volume rolled off.

I can offer this in custom finishes so please get in touch with your finish options, from comic book to splatters and crackle.

If I don’t have them in stock then the can also be made to order and will be built in a queing system (if needed of course), but can take upto 6 weeks to produce so please bare that in mind when ordering.

Matt – “After spending some time with the new pedal, well I’ll tell ya, it’s spectacular!! It went straight onto my board. It looks great and sounds even better. I was playing with some old friends and when I kicked it on everyone was like “whoa, wait a minute, what the F just happened!!” Great pedal. Thanks for taking such care in making it just right.”

Avaliable in 3 different enclosure options, Gorva is a premium enclosure, slightly more compact but with top mounted jacks. 125B is a standard sized encloser with top mounts and Trapizoid is the slightly angled one shown in the photos.

Please rememeber these are all custom, hand built so may take 4-6 weeks to complete. Thanks.

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125B, Trapazoid, ying yang


Gold Crackle, Silver Hammered

4 reviews for The MkII, Silicon TomeBender

  1. Stan C. (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful pedal. Very controllable fuzz – an absolute pleasure to play. Mine has already been kidnapped sand I need to buy another one.

  2. Jan Groener (verified owner)

    One of my favorite Fuzz pedals, can go from small and gated (almost like an octafuzz with interesting upper harmonics) to huge! Definitely cuts through a band mix. The different tonal effects also depend on where on the fretboard you play. Very interesting pedal!

  3. Toby Smith (verified owner)

    Amazing pedal now my go to fuzz!!!

  4. Zak (verified owner)

    A very user friendly pedal. The volume control is fantastic. It doesn’t dominate when turned on, but can change your sound when pushed higher. The pedal gives you many tones. It’s more like 4 or 5 pedals in one.

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