Barebone versions of some classic circuits, TurboRODENT, Muff, ODS1 that can be customised if you want!

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Hi, welcome to the White-Out range.

Here we have a selection of pedals with no frills, bells or whistles, just pure tone. Aimed at the new to pedal folk, beginers, kids and those on a budget.

The selection includes, TurboRODENT, Shadowsong and Barebone IceDrives, with more being added to the range later.

TurboRODENT, my take on the classic distortion circuit. What I have done is kept it with LED clipping, swapped the filter cap, added the Ruetz mod (optional) and played around with the values in the buffer area.

Shadowsong is based on the Acapulco. High output, high distortion and a few mods including internal trim pots for adjusting the gain on each opamp stage. This drastically helps with floor noise while still giving that earth destroying tone!

Last we have the Barebones IceDrive. A 3 control version, similar to the Hardcore version but without the hardclipping option. This bass overdrive adds warmth and grit to your tone.

Also avaliable in Black-Out (4 Week lead time approx) if you wish or a Custom finished enclosure. For custom finishes please leave a message in the notes or reply to your order confirmation email. Please note custom finishes will take longer (roughly 6 weeks).

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TurboRODENT, Shadowsong, ODS1, Barebone IceDrive


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