Two classic circuits, one fiery box. The Desolation is full of bite, snare and fire.

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The Bal’Rog was born of fire and flame…but then came The Desolation!

This is a classic combination of pedals. We have one of the most widely used distortion circuits as our base effect, the RAT pedal but with a load of mods including LEDs in the clipping section, a toggle in the filter control for a more usable sweep and a re-bias of the OP07 opamp. The bass version is tuned to handle the low end without flubbing out.

The other half is a “Super” classic overdrive circuit, again utilizing LEDs and a circuit re-bias for tube like overdrive. A modified tone control gives us a usable, mid front warmth and our gain control provides a usable gain throughout the pot range and a stipped down BlackIce for the bass version.

The Overdrive is placed before the Distortion to boost its properties and provide a huge wall of sound. It will also shape the tone before it gets hits with the weight of the circuit.

The Bass Desolation is still currently in development, but I am aiming to make this product a reality very, very soon! (Its now Feb 23) this will feature the same idea of Drive into Distortion. Update as of June 23, the bass version is nearing completion. With a few additional features. The pedal features a supped up 3 knob version of the IceDrive, an eq shift toggle and then a toggle for running the circuits in series or parallel. When in parallel the extra control knob comes into play and is a mix control for both circuits.

This is truly a beast of a pedal. Stand by for demos and other information or sign up to the mailing list on the home page.


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1 review for The Desolation Distortion Pedal

  1. caolan__moore (store manager)

    Got a wee blast last night on my home rig, sounds great, SD1 side is especially clear, tone response is a lot more usable than on an original sd1. The RAT side is just fantastic, loads of fat gain and it’s got that notch filter thing on the tone which is lovely, there’s a nice wee thing with it too where you can alternate between pushing volume and holding back on gain to get a really amp like tone.

    Or you can go all out and run both and it’s just huge, definitely would add it’s also super tight in the low end and has tonnes of clarity, and you can back the gain off of the sd1 and it almost acts like the old tube screamer into a high gain amp thing.

    So essentially, hefty pedal

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