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Goliath FX is a content creating, metal bass playing, bass pedal building workshop. I am a metal head building pedals but I also love some dirty rock and blues which is where the love for fuzz comes from!

I cut my teeth building different styles of pedals from the classics like FuzzFaces, Tonebenders and Muffs to the heavy hitting Acapulco Gold and RATs but have a big focus on metal bass and heavy guitar tones.

You can find these pre-built custom pedals over on my Reverb page –

I am not trying to change the bar. I am not trying to break the mold, well, not too much. I am just a man that loves to build pedals and create content.

A few years when I started this little venture, I was lucky enough to be contact by John Campbell from Lamb Of God! A person whose music I had listened to for near on 15 years. One of the worlds top metal bass players. I got to build him a fly rig. An all in one solution for his set up needs.

It incorpurated a Boss-TU3 including the original footswitch, a Digitech Drop pedal, a DI taken directly from the Drop pedal for the cleanest signal possible for recording purposes. A modified MicroAmp boost on the end of the chain with a space and connections for the distortion box of his choice on top! Oh and a 5V 2.1amp USB output for phone charging!

A hand painted portrait that is featured on his plectrums then finished the box along with crackle painted sides and back. This was such an amazing experience and getting to meet him and hand it over will be the highlight of this experience so far.

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