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The BlackIce is a versatile bass overdrive designed for adding texture and warmth to your tone!

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This is the BlackIce is a bass overdrive preamp style pedal I developed from the classic TS9. It shares the same opamp gain stage, recovery stage and input buffer but that’s kind of where the similarities end.

We have a clean blend coming from the input buffer so you’ll know that is a nice strong signal. The TubeScreamer tone stack has been totally replaced for one with a more amp like response that has been optimized for bass, to ensure maximum low end is retained even without the blend activated. The new BlackIce features an active 3 band EQ with Bass, Mid and Treble controls for really optimising your tone.

Added to that is the toggle switch that creates a more vintage/modern tone. This is also available as a foot-switch for a small surcharge.

The Warp control has been removed to allow for the EQ. After much feedback some people found it too subtle a feature to use.

The BlackIce can paired with your amp to create warm, thick bass tones or stacked with your favourite preamp and distortion pedals to push them into whole new levels.

Dual footswitch users, the right hand footswitch is bypass or pedal on. The left footswitch selects the modern and vintage tones. This LED will stay illuminated if the vintage, thumpier gain side is active. Even if the pedal is in bypass. That lets you know what mode the pedal is in before it is engaged.

The BlackIce/IceDrive are also available in a larger box format that incorporate a DI out and ground lift.

The Hardcore is a simplifed beefed up 3 knob version of the Drive circuit with Vol, Gain and Cut controls. The Tone Cut control cuts the bass content slightly but still allows a fair amount of low end through. It also features a toggle switch that changes the clipping from LED soft clipping to hybrid LED/silicon diode hard clipping. Its a lotta fun!

These are all hand made, hand painted and hand tested but I am only human and may make mistakes along the way, if your product is not how you expected it then please contact me ASAP and I will do my best to get your product sorted for you.

Back-ordered items will probably take 4-6 weeks to complete, but maybe sooner depending on the amount of orders or parts in stock and also please check your Spam folder if you place an order, thank you.

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7 reviews for The BlackIce Bass Overdrive

  1. Thibaut Doncker (verified owner)

  2. Matt Clark (store manager)

    Stu – I got the IceDrive Monday and loved both modern/vintage tones right out of the box. I think the modern tone is more to my liking, but there are definitely uses for the vintage tone as well. Playing through it on my own sounded great and re-amping a recent bass session I did sounds even better – the mid/tone controls give a ton of articulation which is awesome. I noticed on 100% blend I needed to bump my bass knob on my amp a bit when level matching to my dry signal, but it sounds great either way. I have yet to jam on it with my band, but that will be a test for this weekend.

    I think the best part about the IceDrive is the “type” of gain applied to the signal – even when dimed out. It doesn’t create that “wall of sound” and feedback that other pedals do when cranked that high, which is really cool. Being able to color the dry bass tone while also adding a bit of grind on the way through is (IMO) a rare but extremely awesome result. If I had to equate it to anything, it reminds me of lower settings of the overdrive circuit on Gallien Krueger models of amps like the GK 2001RB which is exactly what I was aiming for.

  3. James Walker (verified owner)

    I really like the icedriver but what I really loved about my purchase was the personal touch ie the handwritten letter, the stickers and pick. Keep up the fantastic work you’ve got some great pedals

  4. jack m. (verified owner)

    everything i have been looking for in a drive pedal, super versatile and works for anything ive done with it

  5. Julian (verified owner)

    I love the sound, the feel and the look! Worth every penny!!

  6. Marko Karjalainen (verified owner)

    Fantastic distortion pedal with a massive sound!

  7. Jack Davies (verified owner)

    The pedal sounds and looks amazing, and the customer care was great.

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