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Fully Customisable Big Muff circuit. Please read the full description before ordering.

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The Big Muff Fuzz, revered all over the world for its thick tone, heavy fuzz and the ability for it to be placed pretty much anywhere in the signal chain. This is my take on it that works extremely well on Bass guitar.

The essence is the same, input buffer, two gain stages and a make up stage on the output, but with many changes and mods and fully customisable. From LEDs in the 2nd gain stage, vintage transistors and pedal visuals, this is the ultimate handmade Big Muff Fuzz.

Controls are simple, Volume, Gain and Tone with an added Mids control. The output is insane with the Creamy Dreamer, Emitter resistor mods and more.

With the option to have different transistors, the circuit can be fully in your face gain heaven or it can be dialled back to have notes bloom lovely with clarity and grit.

Please add a note to your order with details on your selection including finish. If choosing comic books, crackle etc add your colours/comic details in this note along with control knob ideas and I will email you to discuss options. These can take upwards of 6 weeks to make so please take this into consideration when ordering.

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Big Box, Small Box

Thundermuff Transistors

BC108C, 2N4043, ME4003 (NOS), C1016s (NOS)

Thundermuff Mods

Creamy Dreamer, Emitter Mod, Both

Thundermuff Customisation

Comic Wrap, Crackle, Metallic, Plain Colourway